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D4S Services

Detection for Security provides the following services:

1. General technical advice and assistance

D4S has considerable direct experience of research and development and has also carried out a peer review function over a wide range of technical areas (including, while at DERA, a seat on the editorial board of the Journal of Defence Science and acting as referee to external scientific journals). Thus D4S is well placed to offer clients general technical advice over a range of scientific topics and specifically in my area of expertise – the detection of illicit materials.

2. Technology evaluation

D4S carries out a number of services related to equipment test and evaluation.

Independent equipment test and evaluation is a valuable tool for those looking to partner with, or invest in technology companies. D4S can conduct technical discussions and/or equipment testing with companies of interest and provide a report on the technology and its potential place in the market.

Similar services have also been used to provide technical examinations and reports for judicial purposes.

An independent viewpoint is also of use to companies developing detection technologies. An evaluation can be conducted at the company’s premises or ‘on site’ using D4S test tools and aids and our knowledge of the market and the existing technology base.

Finally, companies can be tested through the ICTS VeriSys service using their wide range of live explosive materials, test sites and other facilities.

3. Equipment procurement

D4S has an in depth knowledge of the working of detection equipment and is therefore well placed to provide:

4. Mathematical modeling

D4S has developed a mathematical model of the airport checkpoint. This model aims to facilitate analysis of the effects of:

and other factors on the growth of queues at the airport.

A poster on this topic can be found here.

5. Expert witness services

Dr. Langford has acted as an expert witness in a US court case and has experience in preparing documents and testimony for law processes.

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